Monday, March 23, 2009

Family caregivers are heroes, worthy of their own stamp, and a whole lot more

Family caregivers are heroes, worthy of their own stamp, and a whole lot more A U.S. postage stamp honoring the more than 50 million family caregivers may be released by 2011, according to a news report last week.

“The objective of the campaign is to bring awareness of the issues facing family caregivers to the general public, healthcare professionals and public policy officials. A family caregiver is a relative or friend caring for a loved one who is chronically ill, disabled, or living with the frailties of old age and needs assistance. Family caregivers provide nearly 90 percent of the services needed by their loved ones. These services were conservatively valued at more than $375 billion in 2007,” according to the report.

The commemorative stamp is currently under consideration by the U.S. Citizens' Stamp advisory Committee, and you can sign a petition for support of the idea at:

While the honor and recognition that a commemorative postage stamp brings is a wonderful thing, I must admit to thinking, “Most family caregivers could use a lot more than just a stamp!’ Caregivers need some practical help as well.

That thought led me to a new website I’d like to share with you: It’s about as packed full of helpful information as anything else I’ve found, from care and housing suggestions to advice about money, legal issues, and care products. It also has a great community forum, offering family caregivers the chance to exchange ideas, tips, and frustrations with each other and with experts. Check it out!

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SYNERGY HomeCare-East Valley said...

Sharon -

As a repeat visitor to your blog, I find your information to be important to the community. I agree with this one too, family caregivers are truly unsung heros. They too, however, tire due to the relentless duties it takes to care for aging parents.

Respite services are a welcome solution to give a little free time back to the primary caregiver so they too can enjoy their lives and callings.

Keep up the great postings!