Monday, August 24, 2009

We need your stories!

Are you a family caregiver? We’re looking for family caregivers willing to share their stories of challenges – and rewards – of the caregiving experience.

How have you managed the shift in the relationship with the person in your care? Do you feel like you’re “parenting your parent”, or has the shift taken you to a different sort of relationship?

Have you reached that point in caregiving where you feel that this experience has joy and meaning for you – not just exhaustion and frustration?

What moments were the most emotionally challenging for you in this process? Was it the initial phone call alerting you that things were not right – or the moment when you had to face a challenging task like taking the car keys away?

What has helped give you the energy, support and courage to continue as a caregiver, even when it got really tough?

As we continue to build resources for caregivers it helps us to hear stories from real live caregivers. Please share your stories with me via email at Let me know if you’re willing to chat with me on the phone, too – sometimes that’s the best way to share stories.

Thanks in advance for sharing your stories. Your experiences may help others who are just starting out on this incredibly challenging, rewarding adventure.

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