Monday, November 2, 2009

Sandwich Gen relationships take odd turns

I had lunch with my mom the other day. She was positively glowing. She’s been talking for several weeks about her new friend; now I’m starting to wonder: when do you ask to meet your mom’s new boyfriend?

What an odd experience it is some days in the middle of the sandwich generation! On the one hand, my three young-adult daughters still need some guidance and support. We have long conversations about finding “Mr. Right,” and I worry about who they are dating.

Is he genuinely interested in her? Does he respect her and treat her well? Is he financially settled or focused?

Thinking about my mom and her new relationship I realize that I have the exact same questions about her new friend.

Of course, this is my mom, not my daughter. I’ve chosen – for now – not to say, “So when do I get to meet this guy?” but to let my mother call the shots. She is an adult, after all. I am her daughter, not her mother (as she’d be the first to remind me).

But all the same, mom, I really think I should meet him sometime soon!

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