Thursday, January 14, 2010

Help for caregivers of Alzheimer’s

I’ve had the privilege of viewing a series of DVDs this week presented by an incredible woman, Jolene Brackey. Not only do I recommend these training videos to families who have a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia, but I truly wish that everyone who cares for someone with memory loss would view these videos.

Jolene started her career in interior design but quickly discovered that she was given a gift for working with people with dementia. Jolene’s gift is clearly not just helping those afflicted with the disease; she is also gifted with sharing what she’s learned in a interesting, humorous way.

Jolene shares how individuals with dementia can be warm, loving and wonderful, even as they seem to forget who you are. She helps family members see that mom or dad isn’t really forgetting them – just remembering them from earlier days, when they were young. Throughout the series of DVD, Jolene shares how to think and talk differently to people with dementia, as well as how to add joy to their lives and to the lives of the caregiver.

Check them out – they’re an investment that will pay back many times in return in peace of mind as you create moments of joy with your loved one – no matter how advanced the disease process.

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