Monday, March 15, 2010

Caregiver Training worth the investment

I noticed an announcement about a caregiver training course being offered – free – in a community in the mid-west. That’s not really breaking news, but the part of this story that startled me was that hardly any one had signed up for the class. The news story was that lots of space was still available.

When I talk to family caregivers I get a clue why the class was still empty. Families realize that training would be helpful, but how on earth can they fit it into their already over-booked schedules? It can feel like one more thing to do – one more task requiring attention.

I encourage those caregivers to consider whatever training they can get as a tool that can make a real difference in their caregiving life. I tell them about online learning options, and about resources available to pay for training for those with long term care insurance policies or coverage.

I say it over and over, because of these reasons:

Caregivers who have been through training experience significantly less depression and stress – ailments all too common for family caregivers.

Caregivers who have been through training classes are often able to keep their loved ones in a home setting – avoiding nursing home placement – for up to 2 years longer than those without training.

I tell them, “It’s worth the investment of time and money.”

In response, I hear family members who have completed training say, “I can’t believe that I was doing this all wrong! If I would have known these things, it would have been so much easier – on both of us.”

Or the family who says, “Learning this saved my life! I felt sure I couldn’t continue until I took these classes.”

So find a class, sign up and get going! If you can’t make it to a classroom-based program, try an online class. You may be amazed at how much this changes your caregiving journey from one of stress and chores to one of joy and deep satisfaction.

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